Important Authors

Johann Heinrich Lambert [1728-1777]

Johann Heinrich Lambert and William Playfair are considered the inventors of the modern graph design as they were the first in introducing graphics, in contrast with the tabular presentation of data. Johann Heinrich Lambert was a famous mathematician who developed Demoivre’s theorem on trigonometry and non-Euclidean geometry.

William Playfair [1759-1823]

W. Playfair was a Scottish engineer and political economist, he was an important inventor of statistical graphics.

Jacques Bertin [1918 – ]

Bertin, a French cartographer, was the first who tried in 1967 to defining a theory of Information Visualization by the identification of the basic elements of diagrams and described a framework for the design. 

Edward Tufte [1918 – ]

E. Tufte is one of the biggest experts in the presentation of informational graphics. He published in 1983 his theory of data graphics centered on the maximization of the density of useful information in graphics.

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