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Search engine directories

  • Alexa, links on information visualization.
  • Google directory, links on information visualization.

Research & contributions

  • Atlas of cyberspace. Collection of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other emerging Cyberspaces
  • Information Visualization Cyberinfrastructure (IVC), by Katy Börner. A comprehehsive set of software repository, papers, datasets, etc. related to Information Visualization
  • Information Visualization Resource.
  • Many Eyes. Collection of visualizations and data sets, by a group of researcher at IBM .
  • OLIVE: On-line Library of Information Visualization Environments.
  • Visual Analytics Digital Library. contains materials useful in Visual Analytics (higher) education,


Blogs, Wikies and Magazines

  • Information aestetics blog.
  • Information & visualization. Blog run by three alumni of the Information- and Media Technology at the Technical University of Cottbus.
  • digital magazine, by Juan C. Dürsteler. is an online magazine and resource for Information Visualization.
  • infovis-wiki. A wiki-based website that provides useful news and contents on Information Visualization
  • Mappa mundi. – in an on-line magazine on visualization, mapping, and other broad concepts that are of interest to the web development community.
  • The diagram: It is an electronic journal on the art of diagrams and representations.
  • VisualComplexity: Collection of references to complex networks, by Manuel Lima
  • Show the Data: How to enhance visuals for posters, papers, lectures and grant submissions.
  • 30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps:

Personal pages, works and links collection


And as always be sure to check out Wikiviz‘s articles as well

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