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Social Visualization

Social visualization aim is to visually represent data that concerns people to make interaction patterns and connections salient. Publications Donath, J.; Karahalios, K.; Viegas, F. Visualizing conversation. System Sciences, 1999. HICSS-32. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on , vol.Track2, no., pp.9 pp.-, 1999 Karrie G. Karahalios, Fernanda B. Viégas Social Visualization: Exploring Text, Audio, and Video Interaction. CHI 2006, April 22–27, 2006, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Other references MIT Open Courseware on Social […]

Visualization of Web Search Results

Contents 1 Visualization of search results 2 Visual clustering 3 Adaptive Information Retrieval 4 Other resources 5 Others 6 Papers Visualization of search results Envision InfoCrystal, and MetaCrystal, by A. Spoerri. Insyder oSkope TileBars. Vibe VisMeB Visual clustering One of the uses of Information Visualization on Information Retrival is the clustering of the found pages. Some examples are: Kartoo WebBrain Grokker Anacubis NIRVE (NIST Information Retrieval Visualization Engine). Mooter – Ujiko – Quintura – A bunch of paper have been published: Integration of Visualization with Search […]