Visualization of Web Search Results

Visualization of search results

  • Envision
  • InfoCrystal, and MetaCrystal, by A. Spoerri.
  • TileBars.
  • Vibe
  • VisMeB

Visual clustering

One of the uses of Information Visualization on Information Retrival is the clustering of the found pages. Some examples are:

  • Kartoo
  • WebBrain
  • Grokker
  • Anacubis
  • NIRVE (NIST Information Retrieval Visualization Engine).
  • Mooter –
  • Ujiko –
  • Quintura –

A bunch of paper have been published:

Adaptive Information Retrieval

  • Periscope
  • Lighthouse: see the technical paper, “Lighthouse: Showing the Way to Relevant Information”

Other resources

  • Graphical interfaces to support information search, an Annotated Bibliography (Compiled and annotated by Elizabeth Staley) 


Other services try to visualize graphs of links of pages found. Some of them are:

  • TouchGraph GoogleBrowser –
  • Onother interesting one is the comparison Engine, by the Univesity of Pisa. It’s able to visualize the rank position on different search engine at the same time.
  • Graphical interfaces to support information search, research notes by Michael Twidale:


  • A Novel Visualization Model for Web Search Results, Tien Nguyen Jun Zhang, Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on.

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